Personal Training

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Personal training with a physical therapist.

At B&C physical therapy, our goal is to provide you with functional fitness training, to help you reach your goals in a safe, fun and supportive environment.

After being sedentary, most people go from sitting on the couch to going on that 4 hour hike or entering that Zumba class.  What they don’t know is, the body requires training to reach those goals, and if the body is not ready, injuries are likely to occur.

WE are the ones who will work with you along the way to get you ready for that Mount Zion hike, that Zumba class with your friends, or competing in that Spartan Race.

Our trainers will perform an initial fitness assessment detailing your current condition and then develop a fitness and strength training program tailored to meet your goals and needs. When you are training with us, you will be working with a Physical Therapist who can address your physical concerns throughout your program.

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